Community is a sense of connectedness with others as a result of shared experiences and meaning. 

Not all youth have a positive community that builds them up and facilitates personal growth.

We learn from those around us – the words they use, the decisions they make, and their outlook on the world. This is especially true for youth. That is why the environments that young people spend time in have such great influence on the choices they make.

At Foundry Mentoring, we believe it is essential for youth to spend consistent time surrounded by people who build them up and treat them with respect. As youth grow as individuals, it is important for them to find a supportive community outside of the home. We believe that by treating them as equals – with respect and choice – they learn to do likewise with others.

As young people spend tie around others, they often note things they like the things they like or dislike about, this begins to shape who they want to become. They also receive feedback from peers and adults in their lives - how to dress, whom they fit in with, and where they are headed in life.

It is incredible how hearing negative messages can lead people to totally abandon their gifts and instead try to fit their perception of others expectations. The reality of the power of words and social influence makes it essential for youth to be surrounded by people who point out their strengths, support them in their passions, and encourage them through their struggles.

There is power in community and, here at Foundry Mentoring, we hope to encourage an atmosphere in which a supportive community for the youth of Fort Collins can be found.