A Place to Go

When an adolescent has a safe place to be they learn to trust other people. By safe we mean emotionally safe, meaning they feel comfortable expressing who they are without fear of ridicule or rejection.

Having a physical location where they can regularly spend time with a supportive community can help youth feel comfortable to look deeper within themselves and examine who they are and who they want to be. Those who don't have a safe space can become anxious, closed off, or unhappy. They may also give into substance abuse or fall in with negative peer groups in search of emotional safety and acceptance.

When youth learn that they can trust the adults around them in a place where they can have fun and be themselves, it helps them to be open to influence from the positive relationships in their life, while building on the strengths and aspirations that they possess.

We at Foundry Mentoring hope to bring the youth of Northern Colorado, and more specifically the youth in Fort Collins, a physical space for youth to spend time with their mentors, peers, and program staff. By creating a safe and enjoyable space, youth will have a place in the community to call their own.

We hope to provide the place and resources for youth to make art, play music, board/card games, socialize, watch movies, work on school work, play video games, use computers (for both academic and personal use) as well as providing structured activities and groups led by staff and volunteers.