One of the many reasons I love Fort Collins is the sense of community that we have here. Sure, I don’t know every neighbor or the name of every clerk at the local grocery store, but there’s this magical reality that I experience every time I attend a community event. 

Fort Collins is known near and far for its annual lineup of summer festivals. From Taste of Fort Collins to NewWestFest, thousands of community members and visitors flock together to enjoy sunshine, music, beverages, and – you guessed it – community. Even a visit to Bohemian Nights’ weekly free concert in Old Town Square or the Firework display at City Park on the Fourth of July will provide a moment of awe in being a part of something greater than one’s self. 

Our vision for the Foundry is rooted in experiences like these. We love this town, and we know we’re not the only ones who have a heart for our city. We’ve seen thousands of people flock to see Andy Grammer, to enjoy their favorite brew, and even watch as our local pyromaniacs light up the night sky. We believe that our community can rally behind our youth with the same level of enthusiasm. 

Our youth are the future of our town and of our country. They will become our business owners, innovators, caretakers, and activists. Without them, our future would be empty. Who will pass on the love of music, of long bike rides, of hiking to the top of Horsetooth Rock or climbing Colorado’s 14ers? Who will inspire them to design the next viral app, fashion trend, or fuel-efficient engine? Our youth are bright, and yet there are a lot of obstacles ahead of them. With our help, with your help, they will gain the courage and skills that they need to be all that they are meant to be. Now that’s something worth rallying behind!

Start now

As Fort Collins continues another summer of wonderful festivals, we are excited to announce that Foundry Mentoring will be representing at NewWestFest, August 12-14. New West Fest is a free, three-day music festival in Old Town Fort Collins featuring more than 70 artists. Information can be found on their website, Come meet the team, show your support, and enjoy the music! One great way to support us as we expand our reach is to pre-purchase some swag to help us front the cost of Foundry merchandise. Donate directly through our Merch Purch campaign.

You can also set up your own fundraising campaign to invite your friends and family to support Foundry Mentoring. Have them match your donation to double your impact. All of these options help expand our reach and influence in the community and help fund our efforts to open a youth center in Fort Collins.