Behind the Name

Molding Youth

I wanted to share with everyone why we at Foundry Mentoring thought “Foundry” would be a good name to represent what we do. By definition a Foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the mold material or casting after the metal has solidified as it cools.

Obviously, this is not literally what we desire to do at Foundry Mentoring. What we do is mentoring, and what is important is the symbolism behind the name. The youth are the mold, what they are and who they want to be is completely up to them. The mentors working with us are the Crucible. In a real foundry this is the large metal bowl in which the liquid metal is poured into the mold. In our foundry the mentor is symbolically pouring themselves into the life of the youth in personal, academic, and professional ways. Foundry Mentoring is that factory or ”foundry”, facilitating this process.

Why Do It?

When youth do not have a mentor that is “pouring” into them, the mold will certainly be filled by other means.

Those of us who grew up with a mentor -  whether a parent, family friend, teacher, coach, or someone else - know how important this relationship is. It is because of these men and women that we are who we are today. And, at the Foundry we believe in the power of this process. When youth do not have a positive mentor that is “pouring” into them, the mold will certainly be filled by other means. Drug and alcohol use, criminal peers, and negative media are just a few of the common means by which a youth can start to fill their mold if they do not have a positive person to mentor them.

1 in 3 kids are growing up in the United States without a positive role-model. Who would you be if you didn’t have your mentor or mentors in your life when you were growing up? This is what Foundry Mentoring wants to fix. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity most of us had. If you didn’t have that experience then you probably know first hand how important our mission is. We need you in order to fix this problem. 

1 in 3 kids are growing up in the United States without a positive role-model.

Take Action

Please consider volunteering with Foundry Mentoring and becoming a mentor. If mentoring isn't a commitment you can make, we ask that you consider becoming a Coremaker. Being a Coremaker with us means that you or your businesses have chosen to support Foundry Mentoring by committing to a monthly gift. Finally, I would encourage you to go back through our website and check out all the other ways you can get involved. Right now, we need your help to get our cause in front of as many people as possible. You can do this by liking and sharing our page on Facebook or by following us on Twitter and sharing with your friends and family. The more people that know about us the more youth we can reach.

Thank you for all the support so far! It has been one week since the launch of our website, and we already sense a growing excitement about what we are trying to accomplish. There is a lot of awesome information we share on our Facebook page including videos, articles, and quotes about mentoring. This week we even shared an article from CSU's website featuring our very own Eric Wilson. Check it out!

There is more to come in the future and we are very excited to continue sharing our story with you.